Is Trapping Skunks Illegal?

The laws related to skunks differ from one state to another. There are certain states that offer protection to skunks while others do not. If you are wondering whether it is legal to trap skunks, then the answer is in states where they are protected, you can only trap them based on the season. If you have a skunk on your property, don't be alarmed. You can get rid of it by using gentle harassment which should be enough to encourage it to leave.

Legal in Virginia
The state of Virginia allows you to trap skunks. However, before you trap a skunk in this part of the US, you must obtain permission from a neighboring state. The state however has banned the killing of skunks and nor can you use skunks for sports.

Relocate the skunk according to regulations
Also, once you have trapped the skunk, you may need to relocate it in a place where the law does not prevent you from releasing skunks. Some states however mandate that skunks can only be relocated within ten miles of the place where it was captured or trapped.

Some states have banned skunk trapping
Skunk trapping is banned in some states because skunks are able to spread diseases to other animals as well as to humans. It also bears to keep in mind that when skunks are provoked, they will release a foul-smelling spray. In most cases, it is legal to trap a skunk in a private residence though permission will be required if you plan on trapping the skunk in another place other than your home. Even when you trap a skunk in your property, it is still illegal for you to release it or relocate it somewhere else.

Get your license and permit first
The truth is that to trap a skunk, you must first obtain a license and permit. If you plan on killing the skunk through euthanasia, then this must be done in a CO chamber. Certain skunks are also protected by the law and hence it is not legal or permissible to kill them. To be sure, it makes sense for you to first get in touch with a skunk removal specialist in your area to find out what the law says about trapping and killing skunks.

Know federal, state and county laws
Normally, people like to trap skunks that have wandered into their properties. However, before you attempt to trap a skunk, you need to apprise yourself of applicable state, federal and county regulations. Also, it is necessary that you treat the skunk in a humane manner. When unsure about the law regarding trapping of skunks, it is best to call for professionals to help you deal with the problem. They are knowledgeable and expert in getting rid of skunks in a legal and safe manner. Keep in mind the fact the longer the skunk remains on your property, the more dangerous it is for you and your family as well as pets. So, make sure you find out the law related to skunks and then do whatever is necessary and legal to get rid of it once and for all.

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